Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sigh. Sometimes life is just so fucking depressing. Ever have one of those day where nothing seems to go right?? I think some people must be destined to a lifetime full of them. I swear, I'm one of the most unlucky people to have ever walked the planet. But enough about all this negative shit. Don't want to be a debbie downer ;)

Today the book I ordered on Amazon finally came!!! It's Paper Towns by John Green. Not usually the genre book I read, but Looking For Alaska was amazing and I just had to buy more of his stuff. He has such great insights into life and especially the teenage mind. I'd definitely recommend checking him out.

School was dull as usual today. My boring world religions teacher made us listen to this GOD AWFUL philosophical debate that was wwaayy over my head. oh well. Here's to hoping I get lucky and guess all the right answers on the quiz tomorrow!! ...........who am i kidding??

Anyhoozle, no big news on the diet front. I woke up this morning at 6:54 and my bus comes at 7:00. It was nerve wracking to say the least, but I managed to move faster than I thought my 160 pound bod was capable of and catch the bus ;) So all that's to say that I didn't even have time to think about eating this morning. Weird thing is, I wasn't even hungry. The whole morning I felt fine until about 11:30. Then my stomach started growling like crazy and it was all I could do not to eat something fatty and delicious. But I resisted and now I feel really good about myself. I drank a ton of water. Trying to stay hydrated to ease the headaches and stuff. If I get dehydrated then I have to go the hospital and that would SUCK ASS. So I think the water guzzling is a definite keeper ;)

Got home from school, went to my piano lesson (which I was completely unprepared for). Managed to get through Chopin with my pounding headache and come home. Thankfully my dad is at a board meeting so I'm not forced to sit through a horrid family dinner. Not only are they boring as all hell but I have to eat all the calorie filled shit that is served or my parents start asking questions. Can't wait till I turn 18. (Just 4 months minus 1 day!!)

It's 8:30 now and I just finished my homework so I'll prolly go get a snack and do some exercises. Then bed. Can't help but feel drained and exhausted these days. No such thing as too much sleep ;)

Day 1

AM weight: 161.5
Sleep: 5.5 hrs
yogurt (150 cal)
1 carrot stick, 1 celery stick (5 cal)
1 sweet and spicy pickle spear (15 cal)
treadmill 30 minutes (212 cal)
50 sit-ups
30 lunges
Calories allowed: 500
Calories consumed: 170
PM weight: 160.0

Long day. Then again, Mondays always seem long. I feel like I did pretty well today as far as eating is concerned. I was able to exercise self control and keep my caloric intake even lower than the alloted 500. I felt tired all day and had an annoying headache for about an hour. Came home and took a 3 hour nap. Felt much better so I ran on the treadmill for a little while, did a few exercises, finished homework and went back to bed. Slacked off on the exercising but I will change that. I'm so unused to physical activity that it's tough for my body to adjust. I think I'll just have to take it slow at first then steadily build up. Can't wait for the number on the scale to change. One day down, fifty to go.

Calorie Schedule

ABC Calorie Schedule
day1: 500 calories(or less)
day2: 500 calories(or less)
day3:300 calories
day4:400 calories
day5: 100 calories
day6: 200 calories
day7: 300 calories
day8: 400 calories
day9: 500 calories
day10: fast
day11: 150 calories
day12: 200 calories
day13: 400 calories
day14: 350 calories
day15: 250 calories
day16: 200 calories
day17: fast
day18: 200 calories
day19: 100 calories
day20: fast
day21: 300 calories
day22: 250 calories
day23: 200 calories
day24: 150 calories
day25: 100 calories
day26: 50 calories
day27: 100 calories
day28: 200 calories
day29: 200 calories
day30: 300 calories
day31: 800 calories
day32: fast
day33: 250 calories
day34: 350 calories
day35: 450 calories
day36: fast
day37: 500 calories
day38: 450 calories
day39: 400 calories
day40: 350 calories
day41: 300 calories
day42: 250 calories
day43: 200 calories
day44: 200 calories
day45: 250 calories
day46: 200 calories
day47: 300 calories
day48: 200 calories
day49: 150 calories
day50: fast

this will take me from 7/14/09 - 2/02/10

ABC Diet

ABC diet....Ana Boot Camp. 50 days of intense dieting for those of us serious enough about losing our disgusting fat and becoming beautiful. I have always struggled with my weight but have never done anything serious to change it. Sure, I've tried regular dieting, but I'm too much of a pig and it just doesn't work. Fasting works for short term weight goals, an event of some kind like a party or wedding you need to look great for. But never have I tried anything this drastic. I'm serious about it though and this time I won't let anything get in my way. Not even my own selfishness or disgusting urges and desires. As I set out on this road to perfection, I post my thoughts, goals, and progress here to share with anyone who is interested. It would be great to have accountability partner(s) or just friends to provide general encouragement as this is not an easy road. After all, beauty is pain. If it were easy, everyone would do it. So those of you who have the courage and drive, I invite you to come along with me on the road to perfection.

height: 5' 8"
current: 160 lbs
lowest: 130 lbs
highest: 167 lbs
goal: 110